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October 20th, 2010


Source: | Date: 17 AUG 2010

Indonesian plan to introduce their sustainable standard soon , many reasons why Indonesia take this actions first as a sovereign countries there are no question that we can have our standard, as a producing countries we want to serve our buyers to what they want or willing to buy. The standard will base on Indonesian regulations , this is very important because penalties is imposed if regulations is not implemented. ISPO is the answer of Indonesian program to speed up the implementation of sustainable palm oil . There more 12 companies that has been audited by certification bodies appointed by RSPO waiting to be approve as producers of RSPO sustainable palm oil. These companies are in queue to be approve by RSPO since last year.

ISPO and RSPO are not so different because it is contain the principles of sustainable palm oil , the only different is in Indonesia this standard is compulsory and RSPO is voluntary , companies that has been certified by RSPO can approve ISPO certification with may be some additional criteria. ISPO will be in the form of regulations and before its implementations , Ministry of Agriculture will notify WTO. Through Indonesian Accreditation Committee Multilateral Arrangement with Accreditation Bodies in countries of destination , ISPO will be approve. Meanwhile the Indonesian will promote the standard and approval from the buyers and buyers countries is one of the most important programme . So, if the world really want sustainable palm oil Indonesia will produce but do not say the consumers want sustainable palm oil but no body willing to buy it,